Advantages of a DC Solid State Relay

What is a solid state relay and why does it matter if you have a quality product on your hands? In terms of the specifics a solid state relay is a type of electronic device that turns on or off when voltage is passed through its control terminals. People often have different options when it comes to installing these types of electronic relays. You can either have a solid state relay, or a mechanical relay. But many believe that the DC solid state relay offers significant advantages over the mechanical relay. Here is a look at some of the advantages:

– The profile of a solid state relay is much slimmer than a mechanical relay, which means it is packed tighter and is usable in a variety of different situations and places where the mechanical relay may not even fit.

– The way the solid state relay operates is completely silent, unlike a mechanical relay that can make a lot of noise when it gets going.

Other advantages include the fact that the solid state relay will switch much faster than the electromechanical relay. The solid state relay requires only milliseconds to switch on and off, which is in contrast to the mechanical relay that can take one or two seconds to perform the same switch.

Another great thing about the solid state relay is that you will not get any sparking. This means you do not have to worry about anything getting electrocuted or exploding. In contrast, certain situations may result in a mechanical relay causing a huge explosion, and we certainly do not want that happening.

Other factors, such as humidity, vibrations and mechanical shocks can have a big impact on mechanical relays. But they do not impact solid state relays at all.

This goes to show that the DC solid state relays are the best option.