Safe and secure home maintenance and repair begins with the asphalt-shingled roof

The Gaithersburg branch of one of the most extensive home repair and maintenance service companies discovered yet leaves an important message where to start major over halls on a run-down property badly in need of repairs and extreme measures to save it from being demolished. It says that safe and secure home maintenance and repair begins with the roof. To this end, asphalt roofing Gaithersburg, Maryland, Northern Virginia and throughout the DC area is a primary focus for this company.

In their own words, the last line of defense towards protecting any home in the areas mentioned from the most extreme natural elements remain the roof and its gutters. To substantiate its own concern for this priority, a lot of the service orientation has been given to the roof. But the owners and its repair and installation technicians argue that they leave it up to their existing or previous clientele to encourage new renovators of this importance.

This Gaithersburg company has been providing home exterior services to nearby and outlying neighborhoods and its thousands of homeowners for well over twenty years. While the roof is a primary construction, repair and maintenance motif, they are also working on windows and doors. Most of their business, enabled by their guaranteed professionalism with an added personal touch, they say, comes from direct client referrals.

Roof replacements in Washington DC, for instance, are performed by a skilled team that is certified by Certainteed. The company and its technicians are recognized as Master Shingle Applicator(s). In this industry, it is recognized as the highest achievement. Working with asphalt-styled shingles leads to roofs lasting up to fifty years long. And a standard shingle roof replacement, using similar materials, can last up to twenty years.